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Hello world!

update:  11:47 AM 7/15/2016

I started this blog in January 2008.  Kept it current, more or less, until August 2010.  Don’t remember why I stopped contributing.  In the meantime Facebook, Twitter and the myriod of other social media websites have come about.  None of which I am comfortable with considering my life long interest in living a private life.  Have been pondering whether to expand my very limited Facebook knowledge as a way to reconnect to the “social” media aspect of life, or to update and use this blog.  As of 11:49 AM 7/15/2016 I have decided to have another go at blog entries as a place to present my ideas rather than any of the social media networks.  I really don’t care if you know that I have a cold or not.  Or that I just ate an apple.  What?????  I think that you get the message!

Hello again!  Hopefully this will all work out.    dpn

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